Find Balance and Serenity with Yoga at UMAI

UMAI’s Yoga program offers a haven for those seeking balance and serenity in their lives. Experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga as you explore various styles, from Hatha to Vinyasa. Our program accommodates all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Why Choose Yoga at UMAI?

  • Certified Instructors: Our certified Yoga instructors create a nurturing environment, ensuring your practice aligns with your goals.
  • Holistic Well-being: Yoga enhances physical strength, flexibility, and mental clarity
    while reducing stress and promoting inner peace.
  • Diverse Styles: Explore various yoga styles to find the practice that resonates with you, allowing personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Health and Vitality: Benefit from improved physical health, increased vitality, and a sense of well-being through regular yoga practice.

Discover Peace Within: Your Journey to Inner Harmony Begins with UMAI Yoga

Beginner Level

Embark on your Yoga journey at UMAI, where we’ll guide you through the basic asanas (postures) and introduce you to various yoga styles. Experience physical strength, flexibility, and inner peace as you learn the foundations of Yoga and its philosophy.

Intermediate Level

In our intermediate classes, you’ll progress to more advanced postures and breathing techniques. Deepen your practice, achieve enhanced mental clarity, and further reduce stress. Explore different yoga styles and discover the one that resonates with you.

Advanced Level

For experienced yogis, UMAI’s advanced Yoga classes provide a platform to deepen your practice. Explore intricate poses, meditation, and breath control to gain mastery over your physical and mental well-being, finding new levels of self-awareness and inner peace.

Class Schedule

Our classes are thoughtfully scheduled across various locations, from our centres in Kerala to our multiple facilities across the MENA region. Contact us for comprehensive details on class timings and schedules at your preferred location. We’re here to guide you on your martial arts journey. Join us to discover the warrior within you!


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