Unlock the Potential of Judo at UMAI

UMAI’s Judo program focuses on the principles of balance, leverage, and momentum to achieve victory over opponents. Our Judo classes emphasize technique over brute strength and provide a dynamic and safe environment for students of all ages and skill levels

Why Choose Judo at UMAI?

  • Experienced Coaches: Our Judo program is led by certified Judo coaches with extensive experience and expertise in the sport.
  • Technical Proficiency: Develop sound fundamentals in throwing, grappling, and groundwork techniques while enhancing your overall physical fitness
  • Respect and Discipline: Judo fosters values of respect, discipline, and sportsmanship, which extend beyond the training mat and into everyday life.
  • Positive Environment: UMAI provides a supportive and positive training environment where students can develop confidence and life skills.

Step onto the Judo Mat: Where Courage Meets Technique

Beginner Level

Beginning your Judo journey at UMAI, you’ll master the fundamental principles of balance,
leverage, and throws. You’ll learn the importance of respect and discipline on and off the mat while developing sound fundamentals in throwing, grappling, and groundwork techniques.

Advanced Level

At the advanced stage, our Judo classes are designed to challenge you. You’ll explore advanced throws and submissions, refining your mastery of Judo’s intricate techniques. The focus is on perfecting your craft and developing advanced skills

Intermediate Level

As an intermediate student, you’ll delve deeper into Judo techniques. Build upon your foundation, exploring a wider array of throws and submissions, and focusing on enhanced physical fitness. Continue to embody Judo’s values of respect and sportsmanship.


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